4 thoughts on “Soldier’s mother’s victory on son’s death in Iraq

  1. Mother of British soldier killed in Afghanistan accuses politicians of ‘feathering their own nests’

    The mother of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan has called on politicians to stop “feathering their own nests” and concentrate on making sure troops have the best equipment possible.

    By Aislinn Simpson
    Published: 7:00AM BST 17 Jul 2009

    Caroline Munday, 49, broke down in tears at her son’s inquest in Leamington Spa as she spoke of the “hellish” conditions service personnel are facing in Afghanistan.

    Trooper James Munday, 21, was just two weeks from ending his tour of duty when he was killed and two of his colleagues were injured in a bomb explosion while on routine patrol in Helmand province in October last year.

    A member of the Household Cavalry’s D Squadron, who served with both Princes William and Harry, he was driving a Jackal vehicle to the north of Garmsir when it hit an improvised explosive device.

    The Jackal was sent into battle last summer following a debacle over the flimsy Snatch Land Rover, which was implicated in 37 deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But critics have raised concerns about its safety too, saying it should only be used as was intended – for Special Forces off-road missions – rather than in general patrols.

    Tpr Munday’s vehicle was one of six travelling through a populated area 14 miles north of the British base Delhi when the blast hit on October 15.

    Warrant Officer Mark Hatton, of the Army’s special investigation branch, told the inquest the Jackal Tpr Munday had been driving was not faulty.

    “The IED was carrying between 15 and 20kg of homemade explosive which was detonated by a pressure plate when the vehicle drove over it,” he said.

    “It was a significant amount of explosive. The Jackal did have protection underneath.

    “James did have all the right protection which unfortunately didn’t save him.”

    Mrs Munday said: “I hope our Government will stop feathering its own nest and provide our guys with the best equipment they can because they deserve it.

    “I am so glad the other two soldiers survived. God bless all our soldiers.”

    Sgt Paul Hill, 34, was in the passenger seat of Tpr Munday’s vehicle and suffered a smashed ankle, seven breaks in his shoulder and broken ribs during the explosion.



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