Hares, godwits, grebe’s nest

Today, to the nature reserve.

Of the two white storks, I could only see the heads. One protruding from the nest; the other one protruding from a ditch of a lower level than the meadow around it.

In the forest: many speckled wood butterflies.

Sounds of green woodpecker, robin, chiffchaff.

An Egyptian goose swimming in the castle pond.

On the meadow: hares, shelduck, black-tailed godwit, oystercatchers, lapwing, grey lag goose, Canada goose, coot, mallard, jackdaw, starling.

Barn swallows flying over the meadow.

Later, in a canal near the castle pond, coots with chicks. A great crested grebe, sitting on a nest built on rhododendron branches hanging in the water.

This is a video of a coot’s nest with chicks in the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Later still, on a small raft near a rowing boat business in the Galgewater, a coot’s nest with chicks.

Black-tailed Godwits En Route To Africa With Hypermodern Satellite Transmitters: here.

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