Atlantic pomfret exhibition in museum

Atlantic pomfret

Recently, scores of Atlantic pomfret, rare in the North Sea, beached in the Netherlands.

From Naturalis museum in Leiden:

After the first find, on 26 November, already over 50 beached Atlantic pomfret have been found, including 36 on Texel. Four specimens of this unusually formed predatory fish have beached in Noordwijk and have been brought to Naturalis. One of those fish is now being exhibited in Naturalis, along with a skeleton and a stuffed specimen of this species from the collection. …

The last time that so many of them have beached in the Netherlands was in 1976. Then, 107 beached.

4 thoughts on “Atlantic pomfret exhibition in museum

  1. 31/12/2008 – I have just been walking on Filey Beach in North Yorkshire England. There were approx 10-20 dead fish on the beach near the town. I can recognise a lot of North Sea Fish but the ones I saw were like nothing I had seen previously. They resembled large Piranahs in shape and upon checking the internet on returning home, I suspect that this is waht they were – Atlantic Pomfrets.


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