US protects beluga despite Palin

This video says about itself:

Allya the Beluga whale at an aquarium in western Japan has learned to blow bubble rings. In the wild, some dolphins and whales blow bubble rings by inhaling air through their blowholes and releasing it through their mouths underwater. But thanks to scuba diving equipment, Allya can do it anytime.

Allya clearly loves interacting with her audience. She aims the bubbles at spectators as they peer in through the glass.

From British daily The Independent:

US protects beluga whale despite Palin opposition

By Dan Joling, Associated Press Writer

Saturday, 18 October 2008

The beluga whales of Alaska’s Cook Inlet are endangered and require additional protection to survive, the US government declared yesterday, contradicting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who has questioned whether the distinctive white whales are actually declining.

It was the Republican vice presidential candidate‘s second environmental slap from Washington this year. She has asked federal courts to overturn an Interior Department decision declaring polar bears threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Cook Inlet beluga population in steady decline: here.

Palin, Eric Robert Rudolph vs. William Ayers: here.

5 thoughts on “US protects beluga despite Palin

  1. Posted by: “bigraccoon”
    Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:22 pm (PST)

    Governor Sarah Palin Announces Lawsuit to Overturn Protections for Endangered Whale;

    Planned Suit Against Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Ignores Science and Law

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska— The state of Alaska today formally notified the federal government of its intent to sue to overturn recent protections given to the critically endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale under the Endangered Species Act. In October 2008 the Cook Inlet beluga whale was listed as endangered by the federal National Marine Fisheries Service over the objections of Governor Sarah Palin. The listing occurred following petitions and litigation by the Center for Biological Diversity and other organizations.

    Alaska’s legal action against the beluga whale marks the second time in recent months that Governor Palin’s administration has launched legal attacks against endangered species on behalf of the oil industry; in August 2008 Palin filed suit seeking to overturn federal protection for the polar bear.

    “Once again Governor Palin has demonstrated either a complete lack of understanding or lack of concern over the plight of endangered species,” said Brendan Cummings, oceans program director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Governor Palin seems more than willing to sacrifice endangered whales on the altar of oil company profits.”

    Cook Inlet is the most populated and fastest growing watershed in Alaska, and is subject to significant proposed offshore oil and gas development in beluga habitat. Additionally, the proposed Knik Arm Bridge, a billion-dollar boondoggle which would shorten the Governor’s commute from Wasilla to Anchorage, will directly impact some of the whale’s most important habitat.

    The Cook Inlet beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) is a genetically distinct and geographically isolated population whose numbers have plummeted in recent decades. Recent surveys show the Cook Inlet beluga whale’s population now hovers around 375 animals, down from an estimated population of approximately 1,300 whales in the 1980s. The Cook Inlet beluga whale is one of five populations of beluga, or white whales, in Alaska.

    “Governor Palin must be suffering from an Ahab complex; she has an irrational obsession with driving the white whale extinct,” said Brendan Cummings, oceans program director at the Center for Biological Diversity.

    More information on the Cook Inlet beluga whale can be found at

    Re: Governor Sarah Palin Announces Lawsuit to Eliminate Endangered S
    Posted by: “ALAN BOND”

    Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:46 pm (PST)

    Looking at this from across the big pond I think the American people were right to vote for the Democrat ticket. However, beware, big business has a lot of money and a lot of clout and with the world run like a poker game it iis nearly always those with the most money who win the game.


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