9 thoughts on “Ecuadorean victory against Chevron

  1. With regard to the above-mentioned ruling by the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, please note the company’s statement on the matter:

    “This procedural ruling does not address the merits of the dispute, which Chevron will continue to pursue.

    “The Court’s decision to deny Chevron the contractual remedy of arbitration will require us to pursue other avenues to ensure that the government of Ecuador lives up to its legal and contractual obligations.

    “Chevron remains firm on its position that the government of Ecuador and Petroecuador must comply with their contractual obligations, which they have consistently repudiated.
    The Government’s efforts to avoid all responsibility under their Settlement & Release Agreements to Chevron calls into question Ecuador’s eligibility to receive preferential trade treatment from the United States.

    “Chevron has repeatedly raised other concerns about the ability to get a fair trial in Ecuador. The company recently asked the Lago Agrio court to investigate fraud in a report submitted by a court-appointed expert, who the company says fabricated evidence and presented unsupported conclusions to justify an astronomical and absurd damages proposal.

    “We will continue to press Petroecuador and the Republic of Ecuador to fulfill their obligations both to indemnify us for any costs associated with the ongoing environmental litigation in Ecuador, and to honor their responsibilities for any and all environmental issues that may exist in the former concession areas.”

  2. Hi Chevron, economic crisis or no economic crisis; apparently Big Oil still has money to pay for cutting and pasting its propaganda on blogs. And money to lobby the Bush administration, which fortunately will be gone soon, for measures against the people of Ecuador. What would you like if Ecuador does not comply; another invasion with US soldiers’ blood for Big Oil profits, like in Iraq?

  3. WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The first fuel-handling facility in the Galápagos Islands—a region of great biodiversity and evolutionary importance—was given official environmental certification today, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced. The facility underwent extreme renovations in order to meet certification standards, which are part of a 10-year plan developed by WWF and Toyota, in conjunction with the Ecuadorian Government, to transform high pollution energy systems currently in use in the Galápagos to more sustainable and renewable energy sources. It is one of only a few facilities in Latin America to hold this certification.


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