Red admiral and fungi

This is a video about fly agaric mushrooms.

Today, to the nature reserve.

On the lawn near the old townhall, blackbird, jackdaws, and magpie. A jay flying past.

In the street south of the reserve, flowers in a hedge. They attract many insects, including a red admiral, a wasp, honeybees, hoverflies, and “ordinary” flies. An hour later, a red admiral (the same one?) is there again; and a speckled wood.

In a garden on the opposite side of the street, a big fly agaric; and a small one which maybe came aboveground today.

In the forest, Meripilus giganteus and porcelain fungus.

On a tree a bit further, Ganoderma applanatum.

Robin and nuthatch sounds.

Near the exit, high up a tree, a Hericium erinaceum, the same as two weeks ago. However, then, this fungus was white. By now, it is yellowish.

5 thoughts on “Red admiral and fungi

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