Redshanks and brent geese of Terschelling

This is a video from Britain of a redshanks.

Yesterday evening, to the lowlands and the Wadden sea.

In the meadows, black-tailed godwit, redshank, and oystercatcher, all standing on the top of poles.

Hundreds of brent geese.

On the Wadden sea dikes, turnstones.

Today, hundreds of brent geese flying east. On their way to their Arctic breeding grounds?

Northern lapwing chicks.

In the Wadden sea, many eider ducks: male, female, ducklings.

Behind a flock of brent geese, ten red-breasted merganser swimming.

Hundreds of bar-tailed godwits.

Many avocets and shelducks.

Later, a male marsh harrier in a meadow.

Near the Hoorner Eendenkooi, a goldfinch on a wire.

Barn swallows.

In the dunes between Hoorn and Oosterend, curlews.

Until recently, nearly the entire (90%) population of Pacific Brant geese wintered in Mexico, but now as many as to 30% are opting to spend their winters in Alaska instead, according to the U.S. Geological Survey-led study. Although records are sparse, fewer than 3,000 Brant geese were detected wintering in Alaska before 1977, a number that has jumped to as many as 40,000 birds now: here.

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