Migratory birds counted in the Netherlands

This video is called Eurasian hoopoe.

BirdLife in the Netherlands says that recently, the weather, with eastern winds, was good for counting migratory birds in the Netherlands:

On Friday 18 April, the counters at counting spot De Hoekse Sluis in Bergambacht were surprised by a hoopoe flying past. Two Sandwich terns migrated over Rijswijk; and a counter at De Hamert noted 2 red kites, 3 ospreys [see also here], 4 merlins [see also here], and more.

On Saturday 19 April, a sea eagle was seen near Den Oever; and a red-footed falcon migrated over the Strabrechtse Heide, while 812 whimbrels passed Breskens.

Sunday 20 April was the best day at many counting spots. Eg, in Breskens 150 spoonbills, 5 dotterel, probably an American golden plover, 150 Mediterranean gulls, a gull-billed tern and 1500 sand martins. Counting spot Ketelbrug/Kamperhoek noted over 100,000 birds; including 6 ospreys, 22 merlins, 96 green sandpipers and 2 gull-billed terns. And over the Loozerheide 4 black storks, 5 black kites and 3 ospreys migrated. Remarkably, a parrot crossbill migrated across the Leersumse Veld.

Also on Monday 21 April, there still were ospreys, red kites, Caspian terns, ring ouzels and meadow pipits in the air. This will also be the case during the next few days. So, watch the sky, and look for many more counting results at trektellen.nl.

Loozerheide birds: here.

Search for Dotterel and Snow buntings in Scotland: here.

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