Carnivorous plants at the botanical garden

This is a video about carnivorous plants: Venus flytraps and Darlingtonia californica.

Two years ago, there was a carnivorous plants exhibition at the botanical garden.

This week, there is one again; but this time, with much more attention from the media and public.

While two years ago, I was shown around the exhibition just for myself privately, this time a big group followed Carnivora executive member Wouter Noordeloos along the plants.

We went to the two Nepenthes hothouses. The hottest of the two is for lowland plants of islands like Borneo, which would die if the temperature dropped below 13-15 degrees centigrade. In the hothouse for Nepenthes species from mountainous regions from, eg, Borneo, temperatures should never be lower than 10-11 degrees.

Then, the big pond of the garden. Along it is a marshy, peaty patch, with Sarracenia plants from North America. The insects which the plants catch are a food supplement for the plants in this nutrient poor soil.

Then, the exhibition hall, with many carnivorous plant species from various continents and countries.

A video about the cobra lily, Darlingtonia californica, from the USA, is here.

Venus Flytraps: here.

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