The Osborne bull billboards in Spain

This is a video about the Osborne bull advertisements in Spain.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

It [the Osborne bull billboards in Spain] started in 1956 when the sherry company commissioned an advertising agency to design a logo to promote its best-selling product, Veterano brandy, alongside the roads of Spain.

The artist Manuel Prieto presented his two-dimensional but arresting image the following year and it was an instant hit. Prieto’s original sketch, scribbled on a scrap of squared paper, is today guarded in the archives of the Osborne bodega in Jerez.

Prieto was a communist, and would doubtless have been persecuted and jailed had he not created the 20th century’s most distinctive image of Spain that the fascist right immediately fell in love with and tried to appropriate as their own. An artist for revolutionary militias during the Spanish Civil War, Prieto made a fortune with his bull, and the world of art and design hailed him as a hero before his death in 1991.

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