Eagle owls back in Scotland

This is a video of a hooting male eagle owl, in France, near Geneva.

From The Scotsman:

Eagle owls may be making Scotland their home again

EAGLE owls nesting in Scotland may be doing so entirely naturally, according to a new report.

The hunters, which have a 6ft wingspan and are capable of carrying off young deer and wild boar, are not native to the UK but are very common in Scandinavia, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

But at least some of the 40-plus pairs breeding across Britain are nesting in Scotland, according to experts.

Controversy rages because some of the birds may have escaped or been released from captivity. Ornithologists differ on whether steps should be taken to prevent them becoming established in the wild.

A new study by John Stewart, a paleontologist at London’s Natural History Museum, argues that the wild birds could be migrating from Europe.

He says fossil evidence shows the species existed in Britain between 1.7 million years and 10,000 years ago – and says its absence in at least the last 1,000 years is linked to persecution.

While recent nesting in Britain had been attributed to the release of captive birds, he feels it might also be partly the result of natural recolonisation from mainland Europe.

The British Ornithologists Union continues to keep the species off the official national wild bird list, pointing to the lack of firm evidence that the owls have lived in a natural state in the country since at least the 17th century.

Video: Northern eagle owl stops Finland Belgium soccer game: here.

Barn swallows nest on plastic eagle owl: here.

2 thoughts on “Eagle owls back in Scotland

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