Punk of the 1970s and on

This video is called PUNK ROCK Documentary 2005: Don Letts Films: Punk:Attitude.

After part six of the British TV series The Punk Years, came part seven; about clothes, artwork, etc. in punk.

UPDATE December 2009: the videos have been removed from YouTube by now.

“We look at how throughout the ’80s and ’90s, punk continued to influence music-making globally, but nowhere more so than America, through multi-million selling bands like Green Day and Offspring to the punk in contemporary acts from The Strokes to Limp Bizkit; The White Stripes to Blink 182.

Contributors included John Lydon (aka Rotten), Viv Albertine, Steve Severin, Pete Shelley, Malcolm Garrett, Helen Wellington Lloyd, Mick Rock, Dennis Morris, Poly Styrene, Jimmy Pursey and Steve Ignorant.”

The signature tune of the series is What A Wonderful World by Joey Ramone; originally by Louis Armstrong.

California band The Dickies: here. And here.

Punk photos from British daily The Guardian: here.

Rock and classical music: here.

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