Punk rock and women in the 1970s

After the first five parts of the British TV series The Punk Years, comes part six, on women in punk rock.

Here below is the first video in that part six (UPDATE December 2009: these videos were removed from YouTube).

The title of this part of the TV series, Typical Girls, is the title of a song by England based band The Slits. Video below here.

More Slits lyrics etc. are on the Slits Unofficial Website.

The Slits were also in the film Jubilee in 1978, including playing live.

There is also the film She’s A Punk Rocker U.K. (see video here). Made by Zillah Minx, singer of punk band Rubella Ballet.

Women and punk now: here.

11 thoughts on “Punk rock and women in the 1970s

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