Greenwashing by Shell oil corporation

This video is about greenwashing by British Petroleum corporation through the arts in Britain.

“Greenwashing via the arts as BP applies the white wash over their blood stained oil business.”

From the International Herald Tribune:

NETHERLANDS: Shell ordered to withdraw ‘misleading’ Dutch ad that made environmental claims

by James Kanter, The International Herald Tribune

July 5th, 2007

Royal Dutch Shell has been ordered to withdraw an advertisement in the Netherlands that sought to portray the oil giant as environmentally friendly, and British authorities said Thursday they had opened a formal investigation in the case.

The advertisement, part of a global campaign by Shell, shows smokestacks emitting flowers. It states that Shell recycles its emissions of carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming, by piping them into greenhouses. It also states that its emissions of sulfur dioxide, another pollutant, are used to make concrete.

“What they said in the advertisement was too strong,” said Simone Wesseling, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Advertising Code Authority. “Shell suggests that all of these gases are recycled and that is not the case, so our committee found a misleading environmental claim.”

Wesseling said the image of flowers was acceptable because readers would clearly identify it as imaginary.

Royal Dutch Shell “flower” ads banned in UK: here.

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