This blog back from the dead


Yesterday, suddenly the Blogsome site became inaccessible. A problem for many bloggers, including me with over 2,000 entries at “Dear Kitty. Some blog”, here.

I did hope the problem would be solved very soon. I don’t want the heartbreaking experience at ModBlog again, where the owners pulled the plug on thousands of bloggers without any notice.

At least, I have two backup blogs for this main blog at Blogsome. However, only the one at is working now. As my backup blog at Blogger was blocked, as over zealous anti spam Blogger software decided my blog was supposedly a spam blog. If I would not inform them within twenty days, they said, that it was not a spam blog, they would delete my Blogger blog.

Of course, I informed them, and I hope now they will make my Blogger blog accessible again. However, it being a backup blog; and my main blog here at Blogsome having, until yesterday, few technical problems; I was lucky to go there yesterday, as I did not come there often.

UPDATE: fortunately, my Blogsome blog is back. The downtime was “only” 12 hours. I hope it won’t happen again.

UPDATE December 2015: both Blogsome and are gone.

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