Blogger Recognition Award, thank you Makayla!

Blogger Recognition Award

My blogging friend Makayla has nominated Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Blogger Recognition Award.

Thank you so much for this kind gesture! This award is new for me.

The rules of this award are:

Post an image of the award
Thank your nominator
Nominate 15 blogs
Comment on the blogs so they know of their nomination
Write a brief description about your blog
Write 1-2 pieces of advice for a new blogger
Provide a link to the original Blogger Recognition Award post

A brief description of my blog is here.

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers are:

1. Especially in older blog posts, you may check whether links have become broken, and repair them. There is a tool for that, Xenu’s Link Sleuth, downloadable here.

2. Use categories and tags for your blog posts, making it easier for yourself, search engines etc. to find related posts. Not too many categories and tags, though; it seems that for WordPress over 12 is too many.

My fifteen nominees are:

1. misswatzername


3. Ms.B Lifestyle

4. snapshotsincursive

5. travelwithmukul

6. It Is What It Is

7. Առլեն Շահվերդյան. հեղինակային բլոգ-կայք

8. House of Heart

9. greeneyedchess

10. Kev’s Great Indie Authors

11. The lotus of fire

12. The Militant Negro™

13. amateur airplanes

14. Lu MG Photos

15. Dr sridhars photography

21 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award, thank you Makayla!

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