May Day marches in the USA

Immigrant workers demonstrating, 2006By a WSWS reporting team:

Hundreds of thousands march across US for immigrant rights

2 May 2007

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers and their supporters took part in marches and protests in Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and other major cities across the United States on May 1 to protest the growing number of raids and deportations and to press for basic democratic rights.

The actions included demonstrations, consumer boycotts and school walkouts.

This year’s protests were smaller than a similar immigrant “boycott” that took place last May Day in which millions of workers participated.

This was due in part to stepped-up harassment and intimidation of immigrant workers by federal authorities.

Also, in 2006, masses of people were spurred to action by a piece of legislation in Congress that would have turned undocumented immigrants—as well as anyone who rendered them assistance—into criminals.

In the past year, the US government deported 221,664 undocumented workers, 37,000 more than the previous year, an increase of 20 percent.

Police disrupts Los Angeles May Day march: here.

And here.

May Day worldwide: here.

In Honor of Labor Day: The Top Five Myths About Work: here.

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