World Bank ex-ethics commission chair says Wolfowitz is ‘economical with the truth’

Bush, Wolfowitz, and Shaha Riza scandal, cartoon by Steve Bell

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

President Wolfowitz of the World Bank misrepresents what happened re the promotion of his girlfriend.

This says [Dutch] Ad Melkert, who then as the chair of the ethics committee advised Wolfowitz on that issue.

Wolfowitz says he acted according to the advices of the ethics committee.

That had agreed with the move of the girlfriend and a financial compensation for income lost.

If Wolfowitz would have acted according to that advice, he would not have been in trouble now, Melkert says.

However, Wolfowitz gave his girlfriend an extra promotion and an extra raise in salary.

Also, he kept being involved in the issue.

2 thoughts on “World Bank ex-ethics commission chair says Wolfowitz is ‘economical with the truth’

  1. World Bank ethics chief disputes Wolfowitz claims
    Wed May 2, 2007 9:07AM EDT

    By Lesley Wroughton

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz broke staff rules when he intervened directly in the personnel matters of his girlfriend even though he said he wanted no part in a deal to transfer her outside the bank, the head of a bank ethics panel at the time said on Tuesday.

    In a statement to a bank committee examining Wolfowitz’s role in arranging a high-paid promotion for his girlfriend, the former official, Ad Melkert, said it would have been better if Wolfowitz had instructed one of his deputies to handle the transfer for Shaha Riza, to avoid conflict of interest issues.

    “Contrary to what the staff rules allowed for, Mr. Wolfowitz’s proposal explicitly insisted on the possibility of maintaining professional contacts with Ms. Riza,” said Melkert, who has been at the U.N. Development Program since March 2006.

    “He kept that opinion even after grudgingly following the advice by the ethics committee. Thus, Mr. Wolfowitz denied that the general staff rules should be applicable to his particular situation,” Melkert said.

    In a late-night statement, the World Bank’s overseeing board of directors, said the special committee had completed interviews on the matter and would now draw up a report.

    The board expressed concern over the impact of the controversy on the poverty-fighting institution, which has been paralyzed since the issue exploded into the open a month ago.

    “The executive directors remain very concerned about the impact on the work of the bank group and are committed to the earliest possible resolution of the matter,” the board said.

    In his statement, Melkert said he decided to speak out when those speaking for Wolfowitz “were intent on continuing to spread erroneous information” about the ethics panel …


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