France: Police attack defenders of immigrant school children

Where the Pilgrim Fathers landed in the USA, cartoonBy Kumaran Rahul and Antoine Lerougetel:

On March 20, police assaulted a group of people seeking to prevent the arrest of an undocumented Chinese immigrant who had come to collect his grandsons from the Rampal infant school in the Belleville district of Paris.

The police attack has provoked a wave of revulsion amongst teachers, parents and the working class population in the community and throughout France.

The afternoon before police had stopped a young undocumented Chinese woman who had come to the school for her niece.

After a half-hour argument, the school’s headmistress, Valérie Boukobza, managed to win her release, although not before police searched the woman. Residents and protesters were thus alerted to the police presence in the area.

Politician Sarkozy and immigration: here.

Foreign Children Banned From French School: here.

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