Rembrandt monument by Jan Wolkers unveiled

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Jan Wolkers on RembrandtThis time, searching with keyword ‘Rembrandt’, I at least found something about Rembrandt, unlike last time, when I found something on marsupials and dinosaurs …

Rembrandt monument by Jan Wolkers unveiled

Date: 10/27/05 at 6:43PM

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26 October 2005 was a very special day for Dutch author and sculptor Jan Wolkers.

The Rembrandt monument, made by Jan Wolkers for the famous seventeenth century painter, was unveiled then.

This was in the city of Leiden, where Rembrandt was born in 1605 (or 1606?); and where Jan Wolkers, born in Oegstgeest close to Leiden, had lived as well.

It was also Jan Wolkers’ eightieth birthday.

Finally, Wolkers’ new book was published that day.

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