UK: Former minister Robin Cook dies

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UK: Former minister Robin Cook dies Comments: 10

Date: 8/6/05 at 7:48PM

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The BBC reports:

Former minister Robin Cook dies

Former Cabinet minister Robin Cook, 59, has died after collapsing while hill walking in north-west Scotland.

It is believed he was taken ill while walking with his wife Gaynor near the summit of Ben Stack, at around 1420 BST, Northern Constabulary said.

Mr Cook was flown by coastguard helicopter to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, where he died on Saturday evening, police said.

This is a sad personal loss to Robin Cook’s family and friends; to whom we wish strength and all the best.

This is also a sad political loss to the more sensible forces within Britain’s ruling Labour party.

After starting as an ally of Tony Blair‘s Rightist “New” Labour policies, during the last years, Cook became a sharp critic of these policies; especially of the Iraq war.

We also wish the best to the forces of peace in the United Kingdom in realizing Robin’s Cook’s goal of ending the Iraq war and British participation in it.

UK artists: Blair, get troops out of Iraq.

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