Mushrooms and orchids in the park

Southern marsh-orchid

On the same 21 May that I was in the park, Hans Adema of the natural history museum was there as well.

He noted orchids: southern marsh-orchid, with its first flowers of this year.

And broad-leaved helleborine.

And first flowers of the year of Rhinantus.

And of yellow pond-lily (earlier in this park than in the city centre).

Also a hare.

And thirteen fungi species.

They included: turkey tails.

And jelly-ear.

Waxy crust.

Peniophora rufomarginata.

Alder bracket.


Candlesnuff fungus.

Bolbitius vitellinus.

Coprinus lagopus.

Netted crust.

Polyporus varius.

Dryad’s saddle.

And the yellowish Psilocybe fascicularis.

An earlier visit to this park here.

5 thoughts on “Mushrooms and orchids in the park

  1. A friend sent me a link to a peregrine falcon web cam. I thought that you might enjoy it.
    Also there is an American left wing news blog, Left i on the news, that includes bird pictures. I posted a link to your blog (at blogsome) in his comment section. The URL is
    I continue to enjoy your blog. I link to this site from my blog, and I mention you from time to time (with active link). I get 200 to 500 hits a day lately. A couple of weeks ago someone at a popular left/liberal news site linked to me in an article. I got a thousand hits a day for a few days. Very exciting. Things have quieted down since.
    Thanks for all you do.


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