UK: Blair: life imprisonment for soldiers who don’t want to go to Iraq

Iraq war, cartoon by Steve Bell

From London daily News Line:

THE Labour government is pushing through the Houses of Parliament a bill that will make desertion and refusal to serve in an occupied country punishable by life imprisonment.

Labour MP John McDonnell has led the tiny parliamentary opposition to the bill, calling for the scrapping of the life imprisonment provision – a call that was defeated by 442 votes to 19.

The Defence Minister Tom Watson made the issue plain when he said that life imprisonment would only apply where there was a decision to avoid ‘relevant service’.

McDonnell spelt it out that the bill ‘was really about the war in Iraq’.

He continued to point out that the number of ‘abscondees’ had trebled since the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The truth is that the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq is opposed by the majority of the people in the UK (and also in the US).

Among this majority are thousands of servicemen and their families, who know that Blair lied his way to war, and that the Bush-Blair strategic target was to grab Iraq’s oil, and that to achieve that goal thousands of military corpses, and over 100,000 Iraqi corpses, was a price worth paying.

A number of serving soldiers have courageously refused to serve in this imperialist war, and since the war started army recruitment has dropped disastrously as far as the government and the military chiefs are concerned.

The war is so unpopular, that one SAS veteran who refused to return to service in Iraq was given an honourable discharge, and a doctor, an officer named Kendall-Smith, was sentenced to just eight months imprisonment after he declared that he would not return to Iraq as the war was illegal.

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