COVID-19 infected Dutch mink, once again

This 16 June 2020 video, in Dutch with English subtitles, says about itself:

Party for the Animals: empty the cages, stop mink farming now!

āŒ Mink farming should have been stopped 20 years ago!

šŸ’” Instead, this horrific industry has been continued. Minks are still bred, kept and killed for their fur, mostly for export. Their miserable lives in small cages made of wire, end in gas boxes.

šŸ¦  Now mink farms in the Netherlands turn out to be hotbeds not only of immense animal cruelty but of corona infections as well and the ‘farmers’ have to empty their cages.

šŸ’ŖšŸ¾ Party for the Animals wants those cages to stay empty.
ā›”ļø Mink farming is unacceptable, we must put an end to the fur industry now!

Today, it became once again known that at two more mink fur businesses, the animals had become infected with COVID-19.

The businesses were in North Brabant and Limburg provinces, respectively.

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