Stop killing minks for fur, Dutch court decides

American mink in cage in the Netherlands, photo: ANP

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Keeping and killing minks illegal after all

Today, 12:05

Keeping and killing [American] minks is illegal after all in the Netherlands. The court in The Hague maintains the 2013 act banning fur farming, previously thrashed by a The Hague lower court.

The law is intended to prevent the breeding and killing of the animals for the production of fur. For existing mink breeders the ban is suspended until 2024, so that they have the opportunity to recoup their investments.

Human rights

The Dutch federation of fur producers and some mink breeders, however, thought that the law did not adequately reflect their interests. They are particularly angry that they will get no compensation if forced to close their businesses in 2024.

The lower court decided in favour of the breeders. According to the lower court, the law violates the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, which protects the property of citizens. The Dutch government then appealed.


The higher court now finds that the interests of the mink breeders have been taken into account sufficiently, mainly because of the long transitional period of 11 years.

Moreover, the breeders were already able to see the ban coming. Ever since 1999, Parliament had been talking about it. Breeders could not have failed to note there was a broad societal debate about the keeping of animals for fur, says the court. So, they had been able to prepare for that.

The Dutch federation of fur producers and mink breeders will now appeal to the Supreme Court.

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