Puerto Rican problematic privatization of electricity

This 17 June video says about itself:

No Oversight of $1.5 Billion Electric Project Raises Alarm over Privatization of Puerto Rico’s Power

As hurricane season begins, we look at moves to privatize Puerto Rico’s electric grid and a new investigation that reveals the island’s government failed to follow proper oversight or examine the environmental impact when it issued a $1.5 billion contract to a company for the first large power generation project since Hurricane Maria, that will continue its reliance on fossil fuels. Former Puerto Rico Chief of Staff Ingrid Vila Biaggi co-authored the report and calls it “an ill-conceived project full of fiscally irresponsible practices.”

TRUMP REPORTEDLY WANTED TO ‘SELL’ PUERTO RICO After Puerto Rico was pummeled by Hurricane Maria, Trump asked if there was an option of “divesting” or “selling” the island, his former head of homeland security told The New York Times. Elaine Duke said Trump approached the situation of a devastated Puerto Rico as “a businessman.” [HuffPost]

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