27 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s cronies profiting from Puerto Rico disaster

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    The Senate is a place where politicians go to serve until they die,
    unless they get to the White House first.

    So it is only when Senators Corker and Flake found themselves looking
    down the barrel of Steve Bannon driven primary challenges that they
    chickened out and decided to not run again. Let’s be clear about
    this. ONLY then did they find the gonads to denounce Donald Trump for
    his despicable and ugly unfitness for office.

    Their fellow sheepish Republicans may express the exact same
    sentiments in private, they will literally applaud the statements of
    Corker and Flake as long as it’s not on the record attached expressly
    to their own names, but still they will hold their tongues, as they
    cling to their own political power.

    When Flake declared today that he will not be complicit any longer,
    what it actually means is that he sees no political future in not
    breaking completely with Trump now. And make no mistake, Flake
    desperately wants a political future. The real question is why he was
    ever complicit at all. He’s just trying to salvage what he can of his

    Remember we told you long ago that anyone who got in bed with Trump,
    the goat, would never be able to get his smell off of themselves. Not
    even the ones who got fired early have escaped. Manafort is about be
    to be indicted for things that never would have been scrutinized but
    for his association with Trump.

    Of course, we have long protested Trump, the Fraud, from when we were
    one of the first to predict he would win the Republican nomination,
    way back at the first Republican presidential debate, at a time when
    most people were not even taking him seriously.

    And YOU can demonstrate your integrity too, by displaying any of our
    Dump Trump message items.

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    At the same time, as reported by The Young Turks, the DNC has
    systematically purged progressives from its executive and rules
    committees, anybody who supported Bernie Sanders or even Keith
    Ellison at all, purging even people who have been members of these
    committees for a decade or more.

    The people behind this must be removed from office themselves, the
    hard way, by mounting primary challenges against ALL of them. Pelosi
    has got to go. Schumer has got to go. All of them. The whole
    worthless corrupt lot of them, passing themselves off as Democrats,
    when they are nothing but a softer sort of corporate shills.

    Only in this way can the interests of the people ever truly be

    For our part, we are standing with Bernie Forever. Get the cap the
    proves it and stand with us.

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