Coronavirus update, North America

This 14 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Scientist: Trump Ignored COVID-19 Warnings, We’ll See ‘Darkest Winter in Modern History’ | NowThis

‘2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history.’ — Fired scientist Dr. Rick Bright said President Donald Trump ignored his warnings about the coronavirus and that the worst of COVID-19 is still yet to come.

In US news and current events today, states across the country are reeling from the spread of COVID19 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are pointing fingers at President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence for the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Rick Bright says President Donald Trump had him fired from leading the quest for a coronavirus vaccine as political payback for questioning Trump’s unfounded claims about hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Rick Bright says he tried to warn the Trump administration of the deadly threat of COVID-19 in January, but his concerns were dismissed. Today he testified before Congress, warning that the U.S. will face ‘unprecedented illness and fatalities’ without more aggressive, nationwide action to address COVID-19.

PURGED VIRUS WHISTLEBLOWER TO TESTIFY THAT TRUMP WAS UNPREPARED FOR COVID-19 Rick Bright, the recently ousted government vaccine official, will testify before Congress on Thursday that the Trump administration was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic and that the U.S. may soon face its “darkest winter in modern history.” “The world is confronting a great public health emergency which has the potential to eclipse the devastation wrought by the 1918 influenza which globally claimed over 50 million lives,” Bright says in his prepared remarks. [HuffPost]


SARS‐CoV-2 in COVID-19 patients is likely to infect the brain: here.

‘NOT ACCEPTABLE’: TRUMP UNDERCUTS FAUCI President Donald Trump urged schools to reopen “as soon as possible” as the coronavirus continues to spread, dismissing infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s calls for caution. “He wants to play all sides of the equation,” the president said of Fauci. “I was surprised by his answer,” Trump added, “because you know it’s just to me, it’s not an acceptable answer, especially when it comes to schools.” Trump was referencing Fauci’s testimony to the Senate warning lawmakers that reopening the country too soon could lead to “suffering and death that could be avoided.” [HuffPost]

TRUMP CITES VIRUS AS REASON TO EXPEL MIGRANT YOUTHS The young migrants and asylum seekers swim across the Rio Grande and clamber into the dense brush of Texas. Many are teens who left Central America on their own; others were sent along by parents from refugee camps in Mexico. They are as young as 10. Under U.S. law they would normally be allowed to live with relatives while their cases wind through immigration courts. Instead, the Trump administration is quickly expelling them under an emergency declaration citing the coronavirus pandemic, with 600 minors expelled in April alone. [AP]

The strange origins of Trump’s hydroxychloroquine obsession.

How California is preparing for wildfire season amid a pandemic.

Canada will be “very, very careful” about reopening border with America.

FBI SEIZES GOP SENATOR’S CELLPHONE IN VIRUS TRADING PROBE FBI agents took the cellphone of Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in their investigation into whether some lawmakers tried to profit from closed-door coronavirus briefings. Burr and three other senators sold investments after they were warned of the impending threat. [HuffPost]

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus update, North America

  1. If states reopen too soon, we will likely have a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

    That’s what the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told Congress and all of the United States yesterday. “There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control…”1

    And it is no coincidence that the states intending to reopen soon are states where anti-stay-at-home protests have been organized through Facebook in the past month–Virginia, Oregon, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, to name a few.2 And we know who will be harmed when the country opens up prematurely–essential workers, most of whom are working class, women, and people of color.

    Facebook executives recognized the danger of these Facebook forums and pages riddled with harmful myths about COVID-19, yet they still allowed them to stay up! They even claimed to have taken down some of those pages–which later turned out to be a lie.3

    Now, to respond to all the backlash against allowing harmful content to spread, Facebook executives have created a new “Oversight Board”–an independent board of experts who are meant to regulate harmful content while protecting harmless speech.4 With protests still happening around the country and elected leaders actually bowing down despite the deadly consequences, we need to demand this board ban Facebook pages that allow these protests to happen.

    Will you tweet at several members of Facebook’s newly created “Oversight Board” to ask them to stop the spread of these anti-stay-at-home protests that are pushing states to reopen too soon?

    Tweet @EvelynAswad
    Tweet @JamalGreene
    Tweet @PamelaKarlan

    The death toll has surpassed 80,000.5 Experts estimate that as much as 3,000 people could die each day beginning June.6 Heartbreaking stories of deaths of patients and health care workers on the frontlines haven’t slowed. Facebook is complicit in the early reopening of states and the deaths that will follow if it keeps allowing these protests to be organized on its platform.

    The Oversight Board’s attention needs to be on the public health threat these protests are causing. Reopening too soon will have a disproportionate impact on low-income workers, people of color, and women–the people who make up essential workers as well as the communities that are denied access to healthy environments to live in and quality health care.7

    Tweet @EvelynAswad
    Tweet @JamalGreene
    Tweet @PamelaKarlan

    Thanks for speaking out!

    –Shaunna, Kat, Kathy, Anathea, Sonja, Melody, Lindsay, Pam, Maria, Kimberly, and Katie, the UltraViolet team


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