COVID-19 update, Europe

This 7 May 2020 video from Britadin is called People’s Assembly Rally: The Fight for Our Lives. #HealthBeforeWealth.

British government forced to partially backtrack on ending lockdown. By Robert Stevens, 9 May 2020. The opposition among millions of workers and throughout the population was expressed in Thursday’s top trending hashtags #KeepTheLockdown and #extendthelockdown.

Homeless face desperation on London streets amid lockdown. By Charles Hixson, 9 May 2020. Those remaining on London’s streets face increased deprivation, as normal sources of food from distributors and food kitchens have gone.

NHS staff condemn UK health worker deaths and government herd immunity strategy. By our reporters, 9 May 2020. The UK has registered the highest number of fatalities in Europe from the virus, including at least 200 health and social care workers.

France: Macron government ending coronavirus lockdown beginning this Monday. By Alex Lantier, 9 May 2020. The government’s reckless decision, in line with similar measures underway across Europe and the US, puts countless lives at risk.

French Senate votes to give officials legal indemnity over coronavirus infections. By Jacques Valentin, 9 May 2020. The provisions cover the entire period since the state declared a national health emergency in March, and apply to elected representatives, ministers, civil servants and employers.

Germany reopens schools, endangering thousands of lives. By Marianne Arens, 9 May 2020. Schools are being reopened in nearly all federal states and the risky measure is meeting with growing opposition from teachers.

Greece comes out of lockdown and plans resumption of tourism. By John Vassilopoulos, 9 May 2020. The lifting of the measures, which will undo efforts that have lowered the spread and death rate from COVID-19, is of crucial importance to the Greek ruling elite.

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