KKK attacked African American singer Nat King Cole

This 22 February 2019 from the USA says about itself:

The Vicious KKK Attack Against Nat King Cole

In 1956, Nat King Cole, one of the biggest musical stars in the world, was attacked on stage by the KKK. It was the reality of being a black man in America, where even fame and fortune couldn’t protect you.

MAN CHARGED WITH KILLING BLACK TEEN OVER MUSIC A white Arizona man newly released from prison has been charged with first-degree murder in the grisly killing of a black teenager whose rap music he claimed was menacing. [HuffPost]

2 thoughts on “KKK attacked African American singer Nat King Cole

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  2. The high school student pictured holding a gun and a sign that said ‘We hang n****** for free’ in a vile Snapchat photo will not face criminal charges.

    Police confirmed they are not investigating the teenage girl from South Carolina after the racist image posted to social media went viral.

    But the unidentified Hillcrest High School student, wearing a pink t-shirt and bandanna, could still yet face expulsion over the sickening image.

    The picture, posted to Facebook, has since been shared thousands of times and appears to show the young girl with a rifle in her left hand and the racist poster in her right.

    A spokesperson for Greenville County Schools told DailyMail.com the girl is suspended and recommended for expulsion. They added: ‘The expulsion hearing has not yet taken place.’



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