Endangered Species Act helps animals recover

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From PLOS:

Marine mammals and sea turtles recovering after Endangered Species Act protection

January 16, 2019

More than three-quarters of marine mammal and sea turtle populations have significantly increased after listing of the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA), according to a study published January 16 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Abel Valdivia of the Center for Biological Diversity in California, and colleagues. The findings suggest that conservation measures such as tailored species management and fishery regulations, in addition to other national and international measures, appear to have been largely successful in promoting species recovery, leading to the delisting of some species and to increases in most populations.

The ESA is a powerful environmental law protecting imperiled plants and animals, and a growing number of marine species have been protected under this law as extinction risk in the oceans has increased. Yet analyses of recovery trends for marine mammals and sea turtles after listing are lacking. To address this gap in knowledge, Valdivia and colleagues gathered the best available annual abundance estimates for populations of all 62 marine mammal species and sea turtle species listed under the ESA. The researchers analyzed population trends, the magnitude of population change, and recovery status for 23 representative populations of 14 marine mammal species and eight representative populations of five sea turtle species.

The findings revealed that 18 (or 78%) of marine mammal populations and six (or 75%) of sea turtle populations significantly increased after ESA listing. On the other hand, two (or 9%) of marine mammal populations, but no sea turtle populations, declined after ESA protection. Meanwhile, three (or 13%) of marine mammal populations and two (or 25%) of sea turtle populations showed non-significant changes. Overall, the 24 populations that increased in abundance were from species listed for 20 years or more (e.g., large whales, manatees, and sea turtles). According to the authors, the results underscore the capacity of marine mammals and sea turtles to recover from substantial population declines when conservation actions are implemented in a timely and effective manner.

3 thoughts on “Endangered Species Act helps animals recover

  1. When the Trump administration decided to gut the Endangered Species Act, conservation champions denounced the decision, and people like you joined our petition condemning the move.

    But do you know who’s cheering it on? Big Oil and fossil fuel companies. They see a new opportunity to expand drilling and mining in protected areas, and they’re going to fight as hard as they can for it with expensive lobbyists and big money.

    That’s why I’m reaching out to you again. There isn’t a moment to waste:

    We must be a voice for endangered species. We must prevent extinctions. We must take action. If you haven’t yet, please sign on to condemn Trump’s decision.


    I apologize for cutting to the chase so quickly, but this is urgent: I need you to add your name right now and help me fight to save the Endangered Species Act.

    This week, the Trump administration made what might be their worst environmental decision yet. They severely weakened the Endangered Species Act, one of our nation’s longest-standing environmental protection laws.

    The Administration’s motivation is clear: They’re weakening protections for threatened species in order to pave the way for more drilling, mining, and development in our nation’s most pristine lands and waters.

    We need to show that Americans are opposed to this disastrous decision. Add your name to condemn the Trump administration’s attacks on the Endangered Species Act today!

    Conservation and environmental advocates across the country are calling out this deeply misguided decision to remove protections for endangered species. But do you know who’s praising it? The fossil fuel industry.

    During an era of unprecedented climate change and record wildlife extinctions, our natural environment and endangered wildlife cannot come second to the demands of Big Oil and corporate polluters.

    We cannot let this stand. Together, we can build the momentum to force the Trump administration to back down and restore the protections that they’re taking away.

    Add your name: Condemn the Trump administration’s disastrous attacks on our environment and the Endangered Species Act!

    Thank you for joining me in this fight,

    Maria Cantwell


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