Malware alarm, don’t click on!

This 2016 video is called How to Avoid Malicious Links.

On theobamacrat. com there used to be a blog, to which I used to link quite often.

However, now that URL does not work any more. It has been hijacked, apparently by malware merchants.

So, everyone, don’t click on that link if you don’t want trouble for your computer!

The blogger of the obamacrat. com later switched to themilitantnegro. com. That site does not work any more either. I don’t know if that has been taken over by malware merchants too, but I would not take the chance.

So, don’t click on these links. If you have links to these sites on your own blog posts, then please as soon as possible change theobamacrat. com and themilitantnegro. com, delete the links to the sites which don’t work anymore.

I am replacing these potentially hazardous links. However, I still have many of them (on blog posts from 2017 or older). And I prefer making fresh blog posts to correcting old ones, though both should be done. So, it will take time before the last hazardous link will be gone from my blog.

Note: here, I have spaces in theobamacrat. com and themilitantnegro. com before the ‘com’. That is to prevent people from clicking inadvertently on these links.

How did/do I deal with these links?

I went to Dashboard, then to Posts.

Then, in the upper right Search Posts box, I put theobamacrat. com (without the space).

Then, push the Search Posts button.

That will show in which blog posts these links are; so you will be able to delete or change them.

8 thoughts on “Malware alarm, don’t click on!

  1. When I went to the blog it returned a page saying that the URL was no longer active. I tweeted to Mr. Militant to let him know. At times, when a blogger does not renew their domain name that removes “wordpress” from the URL, the message about the URL will appear. I was still able to access the blog through the However, that blog has nothing on it before May 2018. I think what happened is that Mr. Militant purchased a special blog theme and started using that one.


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