BMW cars fire hazard scandal gets bigger

This 9 August 2017 video says about itself:

BLUE BMW M5 CATCHES FIRE!! while driving…..

Helmet cam video captures moment a man’s BMW M5 catches fire. The driver wasn’t hurt. But his car randomly burst into flames as he was driving it.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

A million BMW cars more recalled due to fire hazards

BMW recalls a million cars worldwide on top of the nearly 500,000 recalled in August. The cars run the risk of catching fire.

In the Netherlands, by extending the recall, not 6764, but some 27,685 cars have to go back to the garage.

It’s all about diesel cars. BMW warns that “in extremely rare cases” the mixing of leaked coolant can be soiled with soot deposition.

It is not known how many cars were burned out by the defect. According to Bloomberg news agency, in South Korea, where the problem was discovered, 40 BMWs burnt out this year.

6 thoughts on “BMW cars fire hazard scandal gets bigger

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