BMW cars fire hazard scandal

This ABC News video from the USA says about itself:

BMW mystery fires: Parked cars have burst into flames

12 May 2017

An ABC News investigation found dozens of incidents across the country.

Only now, over two years and many accidents later, BMW is at last doing something about this in other countries.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

BMW in the Netherlands recalls thousands of diesel cars due to fire hazard

BMW is recalling 6764 diesel cars in the Netherlands due to the risk of fire. The cars have an error in the module that regulates the so-called exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). In the past two years, four Dutch BMWs have been on fire.

Hundreds of thousands of cars are being recalled to the garage throughout Europe. These are BMW’s from the 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-series and the X3, X4, X5 and X6 with four-cylinder diesel engines. They were produced between April 2015 and September 2016. BMW cars with a six-cylinder diesel engine produced between July 2012 and June 2015 are also recalled.


According to BMW in the Netherlands, the outage in the exhaust gas recirculation only causes fires in “extreme cases”. That happened four times in the past two years [in the Netherlands]. “Rather there is a chance of a defect in the engine”, says a spokesperson.

Like cars on fire may kill people, engine defects may cost lives as well. Suppose a BMW on a busy highway gets an engine defect; the car stops; other cars collide with it …

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