14 thoughts on “Hungarian workers protest against slave-like labour legalisation

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  3. Protests against Hungary’s “slave law”; car workers in two-hour strike

    Around 2,000 protestors marched through the Hungarian capital Budapest on Saturday. They were protesting the law brought in last month by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing Fidesz party.

    Under the legislation companies can demand workers do 400 hours a year compulsory overtime, equivalent to a six-day week. Companies will also have up to three years to reimburse their workers for the overtime worked. Some marchers opposed attacks on democratic rights.

    Other marches took place in 12 Hungarian towns and cities. Surveys reveal 80 percent of Hungarians are opposed to the overtime working law. Unions are reportedly in discussion over a general strike against the law.

    On January 18, 4,000 autoworkers at an Audi factory in the west of the country held a two-hour strike over low pay.



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