Clintonism, Blairism damage to politics

This video from the USA says about itself:

Clinton, Blair and Obama Destroyed the Idealism of Politics – Gabriel Byrne

26 December 2017

On Reality Asserts Itself, actor Gabriel Byrne says his journey as an Irish immigrant helped to radicalize him as did his disillusionment with leaders who promised transformation and delivered conservatism with a “different tie” – with host Paul Jay.

7 thoughts on “Clintonism, Blairism damage to politics

  1. Let’s have Trump and co. That is a whole lot better. What you want is a perfect World. This does not exist. The only choice was between Trump and Hillary Clinton. You rejected Clinton and got Trump. Now you have to life with it.


    • The only choice was NOT between Trump and Hillary Clinton. It might have been between Trump and Bernie Sanders; IF the Democratic party bureaucracy would not have used dirty tricks against Sanders, as is apparent from testimony by ex-Democratic party chairwoman Donna Brazile and many others. Sanders would have won against Trump, according to polls. Many traditionally Democratic voters hesitated voting for Clinton as they (correctly) considered her a warmonger and pro-Wall Street, according to political scientists’ research.

      After Clinton officially became the Democratic party candidate, Trump or Clinton (the two most unpopular big party presidential candidates ever, according to polls) still was not the only choice. There were other presidential candidates, like Jill Stein of the Green party. Corporate media boycotted Ms Stein; and now Ms Stein is witch-hunted in Cold War McCarthy style:


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