British government clampdown plans on Irish travellers

This video is called In the Name of Security : UK ID Card Drama.

By Steve James:

British government moots passport and ID controls between UK and Ireland

4 September 2008

Proposals to introduce passport and identity checks for air and sea travellers between Britain and Ireland are being circulated by the British and Irish governments. Should they be enacted, controls on movement around the little known Common Travel Area (CTA), incorporating the United Kingdom, the Irish Republic, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man, will be strengthened to levels unseen since World War II.

In a joint statement July 24, British Home Office Minister Jacqui Smith and her Irish counterpart Dermot Ahern pledged to use “state of the art border technology, joint sea and port operations and the continued exchange of intelligence … to identity those people who may be of interest to our law enforcement authorities.” The announcement attracted little press attention, no commentary and would seem to be, at this stage, a testing of the water for measures that are certain to be hugely unpopular.

The proposal is part of the British government’s drive to implement a host of antidemocratic measures under the guise of the “war on terror” and a clampdown on immigration.

Is this Thatcherite “new” Labour‘s revenge on the Irish people for daring to vote against the anti democratic Lisbon treaty; on which they themselves do not dare to have a referendum?

Civil liberties in British universities: here.

8 thoughts on “British government clampdown plans on Irish travellers

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