Harsh political prisoner sentences in Kuwait

This video says about itself:

Kuwait Uprising: Gulf oldest monarchy under attack

8 December 2012

While countries like Egypt may now be turning another page in their Arab Spring revolution, one of the oldest Gulf Monarchies is still on page one.

Largely unnoticed in the West, Kuwait’s rulers are cracking down on protesters and blocking the opposition’s political moves.

But all of this is energizing the resistance even more.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 28 November 2017:

Opposition figure jailed for 9 years

KUWAIT: Leading opposition figure Musallam al-Barrack was among dozens sent to prison yesterday over the storming of parliament by protesters in 2011.

Mr Barrack, who was released from jail in April after already serving two years, received the harshest sentence of all — nine years.

More than 50 defendants, all previously acquitted by a lower court, were given prison terms from one year to five.

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