Kuwaiti police suppress pro-democracy demonstrations

From the Kuwait Times:

Gathering outside Bahraini embassy dispersed

KUWAIT: Twenty Bahrainis gathered outside their country’s embassy building in Surra on Friday in support of anti-government protests in Bahrain, but their gathering was cut short by police intervention.

The demonstrators, who were reportedly joined by four Kuwaiti citizens, returned home half an hour after the gathering started, as soon as police showed up and reminded them that public gatherings are illegal for non-Kuwaitis.

Meanwhile, heavy security procedures were taken around the Iradah Square parameters in anticipation of a demonstration called by citizens on Friday to press for a governmental decision to scrap citizens’ loan similar to a decision taken recently in the United Arab Emirates. While the gathering never happened, police kept a close watch until 6:00 pm to make sure that the situation remained under control.

Very limited police presence was seen in Taima and Al-Sulaibiya in the meantime, as stateless residents never went out on a mass gathering. No bedoon demonstrations were expected to take place this past Friday.

Kuwait women want change from patriarchal society: here.

Contemporary art show in Saudi Arabia could herald a new movement. But young artists like those included in “We Need to Talk” still face obstacles and government bureaucracy: here.

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