Venomous snake in Sydney, Australia

This video from Australia says about itself:

18 October 2016

Red-bellied black snake found outside bar in Sydney CBD.

By Daniel Uria in Australia:

Red-bellied black snake found outside of Australian pub

Oct. 18, 2016 at 2:41 PM

SYDNEY — Pub goers at a business district in Australia were shocked to find a possibly wounded snake slithering outside of the property.

The Morrison in Sydney shared a photo of the red-bellied black snake which was spotted outside the establishment on Tuesday afternoon.

“The staff couldn’t believe what they were seeing,” the bar’s manager told The Australian. “You don’t expect to see a massive deadly snake in the city while you are relaxing and having a drink.”

Police contacted handler Harley Jones who said the 4-foot long snake was in good condition although blood on its head indicated it may have suffered an injury.

“The snake’s injury is as much of a mystery as why it was there in the first place,” Jones said. “There was quite a lot of blood on the footpath.”

Possibly, a car caused the snake’s injury. Dutch NOS TV writes today (translated):

The vet found no internal injury to the snake. The animal has been named George, after the street where it was first seen in Sydney. It will probably get released in the wild in the coming weeks.

Red-bellied black snakes can grow to 2.5 meters long. The poison is fatal, although there are only a few known cases of people who have actually died because of the effects of a bite.

From the Australian Museum:

Red-bellied Black Snake

This beautiful serpent shares our love of sunshine and water, and is a familiar sight to many outdoor adventurers in eastern Australia. Attitudes towards these largely inoffensive snakes are slowly changing, however they are still often seen as a dangerous menace and unjustly persecuted.

Red-bellied black snake stuck in beer can

By Tania Dowsett in Australia, October 2016:

Snake with drinking problem gets rescued from beer can

An Aussie venomous red-bellied black snake gets a little too curious about those last few drops of beer in an empty can

The other evening a lovely man called concerned about this poor red belly who obviously had a drinking problem. So we took him for some help and where else would I go calling: Craig Bergman who very kindly helped remove the can so we could treat him and get him back to nature.

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