Hurricane Matthew, disaster in Haiti, elsewhere

This video says about itself:

Aerial Footage: Haiti Town Destroyed By Hurricane Matthew

6 October 2016

The pilot who took this video, which was provided by the non-profit organization Haitian Health Foundation, said Jeremie is “wiped out. Barely 1 percent of houses are standing. The people are alive … they survived. But soon, they may starve. They’re cut-off.”

Haiti death toll from Hurricane Matthew passes 1,000: here.

TAKING SHELTER IN THE CAVES OF HAITI “For much of the world, Haiti is known more as a crisis than a country. Disaster, whether man-made or natural, has come to define the nation, where progress is often just a prelude to another step back. Dictators, corrupt officials and international meddling have competed with earthquakes and hurricanes to destabilize the country.” [NYT]

Hundreds of preventable deaths caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti: here.

Haiti’s hurricane devastation: A tragedy rooted in capitalist oppression: here.

After killing at least 800 people and displacing some 60,000 in Haiti last week, Hurricane Matthew battered the southeastern US, pelting coastal areas with torrential rains and winds of 120 mph in some areas claiming at least 19 lives: here.

THE FLOODING CONTINUES IN NORTH CAROLINA “The poorest of the poor in North Carolina are the ones who are being hurt the most by these floods,” Gov. Pat McCrory said. [NYT]

The class issues exposed by Hurricane Matthew: here.

HURRICANE MATTHEW COULD COST $10 BILLION IN DAMAGES Insurance companies will be liable for $4-6 billion of that. And the World Health Organization is sending 1 million doses of cholera vaccine doses to Haiti as cases surge, while the United States has paused deportations to the country. [Reuters]

Tens of thousands in the southeast United States continue to be impacted in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which came ashore late last week. Thirty-eight people have died due to circumstances caused by the storm, including record flooding: here.

What Happens To Birds Caught In Hurricanes Like Matthew? Here.

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  2. Tuesday 11th October 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Power still off, food scarce, fear of cholera rise

    HELICOPTERS ferried in food and medicine to devastated south-western Haiti yesterday, but aid workers had difficulty reaching increasingly desperate communities still isolated almost a week after Hurricane Matthew.

    Power was still off, water and food were scarce and officials said that young men in villages along the road between the hard-hit cities of Les Cayes and Jeremie were putting up blockades of rocks and broken branches to halt convoys of vehicles bringing relief supplies.

    One convoy carrying food, water and medications was attacked by armed men in a remote valley where there had been a mudslide, said Frednel Kedler, co-ordinator for the civil protection agency in the Grand-Anse department that includes Jeremie.

    The agency’s national headquarters in Port-au-Prince raised the official nationwide death toll to 372, which included 198 deaths in Grand-Anse, but local officials have said that the toll tops 500 in Grand-Anse alone.

    UN officials said that at least 1.4 million people across the region need assistance and that 2.1 million overall have been affected by the hurricane, with 175,000 people remaining in shelters yesterday.

    Concern is growing that the hurricane’s devastation has caused an increase in cholera cases and deaths.Cholera has killed roughly 10,000 people and affected more than 800,000 since 2010’s large-scale earthquake hit the country.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said at the weekend that 200 doctors would be sent to Haiti on Monday to assist with humanitarian efforts.

    The difference in Matthew’s effects on Cuba and Haiti was made clear in the weekend revelation that the Cuban coastal city of Baracoa was largely destroyed but not a single life was lost thanks to a rigorous evacuation scheme.

    “If we had stayed here, this would have killed us. The sea came in through the front and exited out the back and took everything with it,” said 76-year-old Aristides Hernandez, who left his first-floor flat overlooking the sea for a friend’s house inland.

    Mr Hernandez said that volunteer civil-defence members had gone door to door, advising residents to evacuate.“The civil defence didn’t rest … Thanks to that, no-one died,” he said.


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