Political prisoners in Egypt

This video says about itself:

Brutal Repression in Egypt Exceeds Conditions Under Mubarak (1/2)

31 January 2016

Noha Radwan reports on the conditions facing political prisoners, where as many as seventy people are crammed into 15×15 spaces; she calls on the international community for assistance.

This video is the sequel.

USA: The budget proposal released by the Obama administration Tuesday seeks to roll back restrictions Congress has placed on foreign aid to Egypt’s military regime and the sale of crowd control weapons to “emerging democracies.” Under current law, 15 percent of aid to Egypt is subject to being withheld based on human rights conditions — although even that can be waived if it is deemed to be in the national security interest of the United States, as it was last year: here.

3 thoughts on “Political prisoners in Egypt

  1. Strike of Egyptian medics following assault by police

    Doctors at the Matariya teaching hospital have gone on strike following an attack by police on two doctors at the hospital. The two doctors say a policeman who was treated in the A&E unit at the hospital last Thursday asked the doctors to file a false report to include fake injuries. When they refused the policeman called a group of colleagues to the hospital who then assaulted the two doctors. The medics say the strike will continue until action is taken against the officers they accuse of assaulting them.

    A meeting of the doctors’ syndicates, representing medics, on Saturday announced they would refuse to admit any new patients at Matariya hospital and would only deal with current patients. A meeting of the syndicate has been arranged for February 12 to further discuss the situation. The Interior Ministry has suspended the group of accused policemen.



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