Rare hairy frogfish on video

Wildlife Extra writes about this 8 July 2015 video:

The Striated or Hairy Frogfish has a secretive lifestyle that involves using the hair-like projections from its body, which are called spinules and which change colour to suit the animal’s surroundings, to merge with the coral or the ocean’s sandy bottom.

There it can lurk, unseen, and attract its prey by waving a special adaptation above it’s large mouth to act like a fishing lure.

The Striated Frogfish, one of a number of different types of frogfish found around the world, is not a good swimmer, preferring to relocate by using its side fins, which are jointed like a mammal’s fingers or toes, to walk across the seabed.

As they don’t do this very often, the fascinating footage taken by J Hawk is rare. It perfectly illustrates the way the frogfish moves and uses its bizarre ‘fishing tackle’.

J Hawk says: “I was on a dive in the south of Malapascua Island in the Philippines. I’d been searching for rare forms of fish for quite some time.

“Out of nowhere I saw this amazing critter coming right at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Such a unique and amazing little guy.”

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