Michael Brown killing police officer named

This video from the USA is called Michael Brown Rally in Chicago.

From the Huffington Post in the USA:

BREAKING: Darren Wilson Named As Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown In Ferguson

After almost a week, police chief Thomas Jackson has identified Darren Wilson as the officer who fatally shot unarmed, black teen Michael Brown on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

Although Jackson initially said the name would be released on Tuesday, the police department later announced they would not be releasing the officer’s name out of fear for his safety.

Julie Bosman, a correspondent for The New York Times said Wilson is a 6-year veteran of the force with no history of disciplinary action.

The nation has erupted in outrage and taken to the streets in both peaceful and violent protests since the fatal confrontation. For days, images coming out of the St. Louis suburb presented a harrowing picture of unrest as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters and placed demonstrators and journalists under arrest.

The climate has since changed drastically after President Obama condemned the authorities use of excessive force and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) called in the state’s highway patrol to take over supervision of the suburb.

Police said Brown, 18, was shot multiple times Saturday after being confronted by a white officer. The FBI opened an investigation into Brown’s death on Monday. Authorities initially offered vague details about the confrontation but said the officer involved had been placed on administrative leave.

Read the whole story.

Like Michael Brown in Ferguson, to be poor and black renders you collateral: here.


“Our Main Streets should be a place for business, families and relaxation, not tanks and M16s,” Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson said announcing plans to introduce legislation when Congress returns in September to curb the trend. “Militarizing America’s Main Streets won’t make us any safer, just more fearful and more reticent”: here.

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