Terrible death of Malaysian airlines passengers and crew in Ukraine

Malaysian Airlines flight path

295 people, from many countries, on their way from the Netherlands to Malaysia, died a terrible death. First of all, condolelences to all the families and friends of the victims, wishing them strength in this tragedy. There should be an unbiased, thorough investigation how this happened.

Alex Lantier writes about this:

18 July 2014

Before any investigation had been carried out, leading US politicians and media outlets seized upon yesterday’s terrible crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight in east Ukraine, which cost 295 lives, to legitimize stepped-up threats against Russia, posing the danger of all-out war.

The wreckage of Flight MH 17 is strewn over a nine-mile perimeter in an area controlled by pro-Russian militias fighting the Western-backed Ukrainian regime in Kiev. Flight safety experts explained yesterday that the crash could be due to mechanical failure, a bomb inside the jet, or the plane being shot down.

Less than an hour after the crash, however—before even the size and location of the crash site were known—leading US politicians, American media outlets and the US puppet regime in Kiev were insisting that Russia and its east Ukrainian allies had shot down the jetliner with a BUK missile. Ukrainian Interior Ministry official Anton Gerashchenko told the Wall Street Journal: “They clearly thought that it was a military transport plane that they were shooting at. They were the ones who did this.”

US intelligence agencies also claimed the plane had been shot down by a missile, citing satellite data, but without saying who had fired it. Neither Kiev nor Washington presented any evidence, such as satellite images, radar tracking data or eyewitness testimony, to back up their allegations.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak—whose country faces a second airline disaster this year, after the March 8 disappearance of all 239 people aboard MH 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing—called for investigations to proceed. He said: “The Ukrainian authorities believe that the plane was shot down. At this early stage, however, Malaysia is unable to verify the cause of this tragedy … If it transpires that the plane was indeed shot down, we insist that the perpetrators must be swiftly brought to justice.”

If MH 17 was shot down by a BUK missile system—a Soviet-designed system fielded by both the Russian army (with 250 units) and the Ukrainian army (60 units)—there are three possibilities as to who shot it down. It could be the Kiev regime or the various far-right militias fighting alongside its armed forces, east Ukraine’s pro-Russian separatists, or the armed forces of Russia itself.

Russian media reported that on Wednesday, Kiev dispatched anti-air missile batteries to the area around Donetsk, the largest city held by pro-Russian militias. From there, advanced missile systems like BUK or S-300 could have shot down a plane in the region.

Moscow or pro-Russian separatist militias in eastern Ukraine operating BUK batteries with technical assistance from Russian forces could also have hit the jet. The east Ukrainian separatist forces reportedly seized a BUK battery when they captured a Ukrainian military base earlier this week, and they claimed they had shot down a Ukrainian airplane shortly before MH 17 crashed.

As to whether Kiev, Moscow, or their allied militias shot down MH 17, one can only wait for an investigation to proceed, assuming that the fighting in east Ukraine will allow it to take place. Whoever shot the jetliner down, if it was indeed shot down, the main responsibility for this horrific act lies with the catastrophe unleashed in Ukraine by Washington and its European allies.

The crash took place a day after Washington and the European Union (EU) imposed new sanctions against Russia, amid a bloody civil war in Ukraine in which Washington has backed a far-right, anti-Russian regime in Kiev that came to power in a fascist-led putsch this February. In the past week, mass graves were discovered in east Ukrainian cities captured by the Kiev regime, and Ukrainian artillery bombarded Russian cities near the border.

Washington has sought to continuously intensify political and military tensions in order to encircle Russia, and, by making the situation ever more violent, counter elements in Germany who, for reasons of their own, are nervous about the subordination of German policy to US interests. US officials and media therefore seized on the crash to demand military escalation in Ukraine, a Russian capitulation to US interests in Ukraine, and a total alignment of the European powers on US policy.

The New York Times placed all blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though it admitted that it did not know who was responsible for the crash. Noting that “it may take a while to fully sort out who is responsible,” it called for an end to the Ukraine conflict, asserting: “There is only one man who can stop it—President Vladimir Putin of Russia, by telling the Russian-backed secessionists in Ukraine to end their insurgency and by stopping the flow of money and heavy weaponry to these groups.”

US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham called the crash a “game-changer,” adding: “You would take the sanctions we’ve unilaterally imposed, toughen them and get the world behind them. Start arming the Ukrainian military, that is what I would do.”

Fellow Republican Senator John McCain said: “I think there’s going to be hell to pay and there should be … If these are separatists, which are also Russian, Vladimir Putin should be paying a heavy price.”

Aspiring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the European powers now had a responsibility to impose the deep economic sanctions on Russia that Washington has demanded of them. “They must say, ‘Putin has gone too far and we are not going to stand idly by,’” Clinton said. “There should be outrage in Europe.”

Such a policy of deliberately and continuously provoking a major military power armed with nuclear weapons, such as Russia, is immensely dangerous. In the state of heightened military alert and uncertainty provoked by the Ukrainian civil war, engineered by the Western powers, a passenger jet has been destroyed and nearly 300 lives lost.

One must ask: what is the next “unexpected event” in the spiral of escalation in Ukraine, and will it trigger a direct military confrontation between the United States, the EU, and Russia involving nuclear weapons?

19 thoughts on “Terrible death of Malaysian airlines passengers and crew in Ukraine

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Am I clearly hearing the drums of war from leading USA warmongers? What business is this to the USA except for offering humanitarian/investigative help? To McCain, and others like him …. Keep it I your pants!! SMH ….


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  3. The leader of the separatist in Eastern Ukraine, Igor Stelkov, posted on VK 20 minutes after the plane had been downed, that they’d shot down an-26 near Torez. It’s important that we veer away from conspiracy and already assess the evidence we have. Those terrorist in Eastern Ukraine already have a track-record of taking down planes and it’s clear they thought they’d succeeded in taking down yet another one.



      • Let’s examine the facts. In the recent Presidential Elections in Ukraine, Svoboda and Pravi Sector only managed 2%, that’s a lot fewer votes than right-wing populist parties are getting in France, Austria, Denmark and Great Britain. Secondly, speaking as a foreigner who stood on Maidan, people came together from all walks of life to tackle endemic corruption cronyism which has held this country back for years. Yanukovych was a corrupt president, who fled the country with around 35 billon dollars US and this is a cash-strapped country we’re talking about which could have done with that money being spent on hospitals and schools. It wasn’t as much a coup d’etat, but a corrupt leader running away while he still could.

        In the East now you have a lunatic, President Putin, supplying arms to thugs in order to destabilize the country. The militants had shot down 2 helicopters, 2 military transport planes and 1 jet fighter before this passenger plane was shot down. It is in his interest to maintain instability in this country so that corruption and money laundering can continue. Russian media has managed to spread itself far and wide to propagate the myth of fascism to the West, whilst to its own people it’s reported about a Jewish conspiracy taking place in Ukraine with Jewish oligarchs, such as Kolomoisky leading it.

        No need to have a superior tone when responding to me. I’m a well-read, open-minded person, with the added benefit of actually living in the country where events are taking place.


        • Now matter how low the figures for nazi presidential election candidates, the composition of the government did not change.

          Svoboda still has three ministers as one of the two coalition parties, including the Vice Prime Minister, Oleksandr Sych:


          Pointing out the nature of the Rupert Murdoch empire is not “a superior tone”.

          See https://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/tag/rupert-murdoch/


          • By superior tone, I mean the generalizations you make about Ukraine. Of course it’s bad to have these people in government, however this country is trying to find it’s feet. Ideally, there’d be parliamentary elections next week and the ugly elements of Svoboada would be booted out. However, the conflict in East makes this near enough impossible. After all, they should be allowed to vote in them to determine the future of this new democracy.

            Whilst you provide interesting articles on your blog, be careful not to mislead people. You certainly don’t want to echo the tones of publications such as the Socialist Workers Newspapers with its many tabloid-style conspiracy theories.


            • Thanks for your kind words for some of my blog posts.

              If I understand you well, you say war makes it impossible to sack the Svobada ministers from govermnment. Like wars everywhere undermine democracy.

              Maybe even worse than having Svoboda in government, is having Svoboda and Right Sector in the National Guard, much more inclined than regular Ukrainian armed forces to war crimes.

              In 2012,

              “the European Parliament “therefore appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to associate with, endorse, or form coalitions with this [Svoboda] party.”


              The Vice Premiership and the National Guard go a lot further than just ‘associating with’ Svoboda.

              Having nazis in government in Kiev goes a lot further than happened in any other European country since 1945.

              From 2010-2012 there was an agreement between the Dutch minority administration and Geert Wilders’ far Right PVV party. However, there were not any PVV ministers and there is no National Guard in the Netherlands. And the PVV, at least then, had no violent gangs, and did not work (contrary to Svoboda) with the French National Front which they then still denounced for anti-Semitism (this year, Wilders flip-flopped and started to cooperate with the National Front).

              Let us look at a potential parallel in the United Kingdom to what happened in Ukraine.

              The present London government (about which many people have legitimate complaints) would be repaced, violently, by another coalition government, which would include the nazis of the British National Party and the English Defense League.

              Let us suppose I live in Cornwall then. I would not care either about British or Cornish nationalism. There is a Cornish nationalist party, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebyon_Kernow

              Terrified by, and not wanting to recognize, the new London government including violent nazis, an independent Republic of Cornwall would be proclaimed. The new London regime would say that is “terrorism”, there is supposedly a conspiracy including Ireland, Scotland and Brittanny. The new British National Guard, including BNP, EDL and Britain First violent people would invade Cornwall; and the Royal Air Force would start bombing flats with civilians living in them in Cornwall. I, living in Cornwall, might potentially then have different ideas about Cornish independence than before the rise of the new London regime.


            • I am not quite sure which one you mean with “Socialist Workers Newspapers”. As far as I know, there are two weekly papers of that name: one in the USA: http://socialistworker.org/ and one in Britain: http://socialistworker.co.uk/ They are of different political tendencies (and to make things “easy”, the Socialist Workers Party in the USA is different again).

              I sometimes quote these papers, like I quote many other media (hardly them about Ukraine). My main objection to them is similar to the one I have to many other papers linked to political parties: their idea that joining their parties is supposedly the most important step to solve world problems.

              I would not say Socialist Worker in Britain (which I know best) has “many tabloid-style conspiracy theories” (they have articles which I disagree with, which is something else). They have an article against conspiracy theories here:


              In my blog, I debunk conspiracy theories like the ones you find with anti-Semites, UFO aliens believers, Alex Jones in the USA, climate change denialists, the Rupert Murdoch empire (which includes many of the former ones), etc. The two official pretexts for the war in Iraq (“WMD” in Iraq; “9/11 conspiracy link to Iraq”) WERE conspiracy theories, promoted by the most powerful government in the world, in the USA. A pretext for the 2011 war in Libya, that black African workers in Libya were supposedly mercenaries of the Gaddafi regime, leads to torture and murder of black Africans in Libya still today.

              On the other hand, the disclosures of secret espionage by governments on millions of people, on wars, etc. by Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden etc. are NOT conspiracy theories.


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