Girl expelled from party by bigots

Clare Schlaudt's dress

Translated from Dutch daily SP!TS today, about Virginia in the USA:

Glittery dress deprives girl of her high school gala

The 17-year-old Clare Schlaudt has been expelled from a school dance, because the glittery dress which she wore could cause ‘impure thoughts’ among the boys present. …

Schlaudt did not understand that at all. As the dress fitted exactly within the dance’s theme “Twilight in Paris“, and was consistent with the only dress code rule; dresses were supposed to cover the hips. Yet, shortly after she arrived she was told that she could go home again. The dress had been characterized as ‘offensive’ by some fathers present.

The teenager thinks that not one of the boys present, but especially one of the fathers thought the dress a little too tempting. “It’s ridiculous that I have become the victim of a 45-year-old pervert who cannot control his lust for a girl with somewhat large buttocks in a glittery dress,” Schlaudt writes indignantly in a blog post.

See also here.

5 thoughts on “Girl expelled from party by bigots

  1. Crazy. I kind of think the men who were tempted to “think inappropriately” about her ought to have been the ones asked to leave.


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