Humungous fungus found in Spain

Luis Conde with his big fungus, photo: EPA

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Spaniard discovers mega-mushroom

Friday 29 Nov 2013, 22:08 (Update: 29-11-13, 22:11)

Good luck for a Spanish mushroom collector: he found in the woods near Cáceres in western Spain, a fungus with a diameter of not less than 65 centimeters.

It is an oak bracket (Inonotus dryadeus). This rare mushroom grows especially under old oak trees.

Twelve kilogram

Pharmacist Luis Conde found the twelve-kilogram mushroom not far from his home. To local media he said that he had been collecting mushrooms for twenty years, but that he had never seen such a large one.

Conde has the oak bracket exhibited in his pharmacy. Scores of people already have their picture taken there with the natural phenomenon. Chances are that the mushroom will be there for a while more, as it is not suitable for consumption.

Wines’ regionally-distinctive flavors may be caused by the bacteria and fungi that live on grapes: here.

Big honey fungus: here.

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