21 thoughts on “Monsanto gives up fight for GM plants in Europe

  1. Thanks for sharing. It looks like Monsanto is becoming the most reviled company in the world. I just read recently that 80 to more than 90 percent of the corn, soy and, I think, wheat crops in the US are produced using Monsanto’s GMO seeds. I can’t believe we are such idiots.


    • Yes, those are the stats I’ve seen too. I think it’s corn (aka maize) and soya, but not yet wheat. The GM crops which now dominate the corn and soya in N America are Roundup Ready (herbicide resistant) and Bt (insecticidal).


      • I have to apologize to everyone for not responding to their replies. I had no idea that’s what the star symbol represented. It makes it so much easier to reply to everyone, instead of checking their site.

        Thanks for the info. I always knew Monsanto was a bad player, but only recently have found out how bad. Did you know their lead attorney’s name is “Snively?” He sounds like a character from a Harry Potter movie.


  2. May they also close down the plants that we do not know about yet. We need to remain awake for name-changes, and MonSatan selling off parts of its business to other gen-tech companies.


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