Most Influential Blogger Award, thanks Joe!

Most Influential Blogger Award

Joe of Iamforchange’s Blog has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Most Influential Blogger Award. Thank you, Joe, for this kind gesture!

There were no further rules (except, I think, nominating other blogs, linking to them, and telling them about their nominations).

My nominees are:

1. Leave reality outside before entering! this is a world of fantasy!

2. Artsakh Liberty

3. Writings of Rascoe

4. Moorbey’z Blog

5. A Birder´s Blog

6. Playground

7. play.think.create

8. prehistoricworldofyajur

9. Fern Balch

10. Audreysmithnaturequest’s Blog

11. amatterofinstinct

12. The Bawi Bawarchi

16 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogger Award, thanks Joe!

  1. Merci! Thanx! 🙂 You may have noticed that our playground has NO “elitist” claims or snobbish targets, it’s NOT a Nobel prize race, it’s a fun and a relaxing spot… 🙂


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