29 thoughts on “Poverty in the kingdom of Jordan

  1. This is the out come of the Arab SPRING ,Instead of going forward the Arab are going backward..In Egypt the picture yet dimmer.jalal


  2. Police arrest 8 for ‘inciting riots’

    JORDAN: A security official said today that eight Syrians have been arrested on suspicion of inciting riots at a refugee camp near the Jordan-Syria border.

    Around 100 Syrian refugees threw stones at police on Friday for preventing some of them leaving their desert camp.

    Ten police officers were wounded, including two who remain in critical condition.

    The security official said a military prosecutor will question the eight suspects and, if convicted, they face up to three years in jail.



  3. Jordanian journalists protest unpaid wages

    On July 3, members of the Jordan Press Association (JPA) council, along with Al Arab Al Yawm employees staged a sit-in outside the paper’s premises near the Interior Ministry Circle, in protest against the delay in paying reporters’ wages.

    The journalists have not been paid for two months and are also demanding their bonus salary for 2012.

    Jordanian vets strike

    Veterinarians working in the public sector went on an open-ended strike, last week to demand higher salaries.

    In a statement issued July 3, Jordan Veterinary Association President Nabil Lobani said the Agriculture Ministry’s vets were determined to continue their strike despite “pressures” by the government.



  4. Strike at Jordanian customs

    Over the weekend, workers at the Jordan Customs Department went on strike asking for Ramadan bonuses of JD 125 (about 2,500USD). The country’s finance minister has stopped paying, raises, overtime payments, bigger housing loans and exempting their cars from customs fees, according to a Jordanian security source.

    The Foodstuff Traders Association (FTA) warned on Sunday that the country’s stocks of various food staples would rapidly decline if the strike continued. The FTA said in a statement that 4,000 containers loaded with various food items, including refrigerated meat, had been stuck at customs centres at the country’s borders for over a week, awaiting clearance.

    The Saudi Embassy in Jordan intervened by asking the authorities to facilitate the movement of Saudis stranded at border crossings. A Jordanian security source said that if the crisis continues the department would ask retired customs officials to help out temporarily.



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  6. Workers walk out at state-owned Jordanian newspaper

    On November 12, workers at Jordan’s largest daily newspaper, the state-owned Al-Rai, and its sister newspaper struck for 24 hours in opposition to state interference. The strike resulted in the suspension of that day’s editions.

    Workers are also protesting the delay in implementing a 2011 labour agreement on salaries, reported the AFP news agency.



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